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With increasing unusual patterns in extreme weather, Earth Day is now more important than ever. This year it falls on Apr. 22 and the theme is “Invest In Our Planet.” Working together, we can make a positive difference for the future of our home. Below are worthwhile activities and ideas we can all engage in to protect our planet.  


1. Build A Bird Feeder For Your Yard 

Birds play a critical role in our ecosystem. They are essential pollinators and disperse seeds that help create new plants and control the population of pests. So, a bird feeder is an amazing way to provide nutrition for your feathery neighbors and a window into observing their entertaining behaviors.  

2. Garden  

No matter what garden you want to start, if it’s a flower garden, herb garden or vegetable garden, connecting with nature and growing your own food is a positive step towards being self-sustainable and eating more organically — both assets to the environment’s well being.   

3. Start Composting  

The benefits of composting are endless, from reducing your carbon footprint to minimizing garbage intake to amplifying the nutrition in the soil. While many are intimidated by the term, composting is easier than you think. Grab your family and food scraps and start a compost pile in your yard. Here are composting tips for beginners.


4. Invest In A Reusable Water Bottle  

Reducing plastic is one of the hardest personal goals to accomplish but has one of the biggest impacts. The numbers are staggering: 583.3 billion plastic water bottles were used worldwide in 2021 alone. Join the effort by getting rid of single-use plastic by banning plastic water bottles in your home for Earth Day. We suggest a metal water bottle because it is better for the planet and maintains the desired temperature throughout the day. 

5. Transition To Reusable Grocery Bags  

It is estimated that Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year. Having a few reusable bags in your car for your next grocery trip is a convenient way to eliminate single-use plastic that too often line the shores of our beaches and have a detrimental impact on marine life. A study shows that more than 11 million metric tons of plastics (24,250,848,840 pounds) are entering our oceans every year. If you prefer canvas totes, make it a fun Earth Day activity by decorating your own with your family.  

6. Stop Using Ziplock Bags  

We know plastic baggies are a kitchen staple, but let's try to reduce their use this Earth Day. Opt for reusable bags or glass tupperware to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used in the kitchen. Both accomplish the same tasks without negatively impacting the environment.  


7. Commit To Water Use Reduction 

We all know we should turn off the water in between brushing our teeth and washing the dishes, but this Earth Day, commit to taking it to the next level by targeting efforts beyond the sink. About two-thirds of the average family’s water usage comes from the shower and the toilet, according to, which means a 30-minute shower on average uses 17.2 gallons of water while a 5-minute shower on average uses 10 gallons of water. The numbers speak for themselves! 

8. Go Solar Or Light Your Home With Eco-Friendly Bulbs 

If you have the resources to go solar, Earth Day is the ideal time to make the change. Check with your utility company to see what options are available. If not, try using energy-efficient light bulbs that reduce energy consumption, helping both the environment and your budget as you won't need to replace them as often.  

9. Make The Most Of Recycling  

 Take the time to learn and explain to your family what is actually recyclable. A great Earth Day family project is to create a cheat sheet to see what they can recycle when throwing trash away. Involving and educating your children helps instill good environmental habits that they will continue using as adults. 

10. Go To The Farmers Market  

Support your community by shopping at local farmers' market. Not only is it helping the environment, it’s a great, and oftentimes tasty, weekend activity!  

If you’d like to do more this Earth Day, think about donating to an organization that goes beyond fighting for our home.  

Happy Earth Day! 

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