Month: February 2022

Wrap-and-plant technology to manage sustainably potato cyst nematodes in East Africa –


AbstractRenewable eco-friendly options for crop protection are fundamental in achieving sustainable agriculture. Here, we demonstrate the use of a biodegradable lignocellulosic banana-paper matrix as a seed wrap for the protection of potato plants against potato cyst nematode (PCN), Globodera rostochiensis. Potato cyst nematodes are devastating quarantine pests of…

Exploring the possibilities of improved soil health and management in Ghana – Myjoyonline


Agriculture in Israel is being practiced under unique and extreme conditions, including long hot summers, many cycles of drought years, and shortage of good quality water that leads to extensive use of marginal water.All that, whilst having to provide food security to an unprecedentedly growing population from 9,000,000…

Strategic Farming: Let’s talk crops! focused on weed management – Farm Forum


Phyllis Bongard, Extension content development and communications specialist  |  University of Minnesota ExtensionWith increasing herbicide resistance and a decrease in effective management tools, weed management will continue to become more complicated. Drs. Tom Peters, Extension sugarbeet agronomist and weed scientist, and Debalin Sarangi, Extension weed scientist, joined Extension…