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From making compost to sourcing plants locally, there are many ways we can reduce the ecological footprint of gardening and combat global warming. But do you know where to begin?'Being a gardener means working alongside nature and many of us are also keen to protect it where we can,' says Lottie Hawkins, co-founder of the UK's leading biochar brand, Earthly Biochar. 'We often hear about reducing our carbon footprint, and there are lots of ways we can do that in our gardens to limit our impact on the environment.'Want to go green in 2022? Take a look at what you can do below...1. Source plants locally Buying plants from local growers and sellers will help reduce how much carbon is created in getting them to your garden. While many of us love a trip to a garden centre, some plants sold in large nurseries have been grown abroad or transported. Want to save some extra cash? Why not grow as much as you can from seed.

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2. Take care of your gardening tools Cared-for pruning tools will give a cleaner cut, helping to reduce the risk of plant diseases and rust. It can be easy to forget, but it's important to make a habit of cleaning your tools after each use. 'If your tools last longer, you can buy less, which cuts down your carbon footprint,' says Lottie. 'However, if you do need to replace a tool, try and find it second-hand where you can.'

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3. Let your lawn growLetting your lawn grow a bit unruly is not only great for wildlife, but it also reduces how much energy you use to maintain your garden — and will lower your carbon footprint. Best of all, if you leave the lawn to grow free you'll likely spot pretty plants like clover, daisy, buttercup and dandelion popping up. 4. Try a no dig gardenNo dig gardening is a method used in organic gardening where you don't use a fork or spade to disturb the soil in any way. Inspired by the simplicity of nature and encouraged by the 'guru of no dig' Charles Dowding, it involves layering mulch on top rather than digging it in. Why not slip on your gardening gloves and give it a go? Lottie adds: 'Digging actually releases carbon dioxide because our soil contains huge amounts of carbon and when we dig or turn our soil, it escapes into the atmosphere.'5. Making your own compost A compost heap is important in any garden, but do you know how to make your own? According to Lottie, making compost at home is an effective way to lower your carbon footprint as it is more eco-friendly than driving to a composting facility. 'Food scraps that go into general waste still likely end up in landfill, where they produce more greenhouse gases when they break down compared to a home compost bin,' adds Lottie. 'Using homemade compost also means you aren't buying bags that have been made in one area and then driven to your local garden centre. If you can't use homemade compost, try and find a peat-free option: peat bogs store vast amounts of carbon and when peat is removed to create compost, this carbon is released into the atmosphere. Try using alternatives like plant-based compost instead.'

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6. Capture carbon 'As well as reducing how much carbon you create, you can also use your garden to remove carbon from the atmosphere. One way to capture carbon is planting trees, however, there are lots of other ways too, including using biochar,' explains Lottie. 'Biochar is a charcoal-like material made from waste wood that's been heated in a specific way to trap the carbon present in a crystalline structure. Simply mixing it into your compost keeps the carbon safely out of the atmosphere, plus it helps soil keep hold of nutrients, meaning root systems become stronger and plants grow better too.'Follow House Beautiful on Instagram.
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