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It’s a new year and one of my personal resolutions is to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Several amazing companies have made it easier than ever to use organic and green products that are terrific for the environment, beautifully made and extremely effective. Below are some of my favorites.

Get the organic bedroom of your dreams


A Green Bedroom—Avocado 
Nothing can be more important than a good night’s sleep. Avocado is an online company that started making mattresses from the finest certified organic, natural and non-toxic ingredients. They have now expanded into pillows and bedding. The company is committed to not only using organically sourced products, but also to maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable business practices across their supply chain. New favorites include their Avocado Green Pillow, which has an adjustable fill and is made from organic latex and organic fiber from the kapok tree. Another hit is their organic linen bedding. The linen bedding is loomed in France and certified to meet the Global Organic Textile Standard. Even better, the bedding feels cool and luxurious.   

Enjoy sustainable products from Patagonia


Sustainable Outerwear—Patagonia
It would be hard to find a company that has been more closely identified with sustainable living than Patagonia. The company is constantly developing innovative ways to create sustainable clothing that meets customers’ needs for high-performance and fashion. Patagonia has pledged one percent of its revenue to environmental causes, has a great program that allows you to trade in or fix your gear and believes that well-made clothes last longer and reduce waste. One of its newest and most popular items is the Reclaimed Fleece which is made from a blend of recycled polyester and recycled wool looped terry fleece. It is manufactured to be Fair Trade Certified™. These fleeces are warm, stylish and environmentally friendly. 

Sustainably-made beanbags from Brentwood


Fun Furniture—Brentwood
This California company makes a host of sustainable furniture pieces for kids and teens. Everyone loves a beanbag and the REPREVE® Bean Bag is a great addition to a kid’s room, especially during these challenging times. Earth-friendly, sustainable, and extremely comfy, this bean bag chair comes in a smaller size for younger kids and a larger size for teens. (Adults might be tempted to jump in as well). The REPREVE® Bean Bag features a soft, durable, and innovative performance fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. The smaller bean bag is filled with upcycled, CertiPUR-US®-certified memory foam and the larger one is filled with Global Recycled Standard Certified (GRS) fiber fill. 

Wake-up with Overview's sustainable coffee

Overview Coffee

Organic Coffee–Overview Coffee
Agriculture can be harsh on the environment and climate change is having a severely negative effect of global coffee farmers. To combat these issues, Overview Coffee is committed to regenerative organic agriculture. This type of agriculture prioritizes soil health while also focusing on animal welfare and worker fairness. Coffee from this company  is sources from small farmers in Africa and South America with the goal of creating a stable income for farming communities and reversing climate change. And some additional good news–their coffee is delicious!

Feel even better about your yoga practice with these sustainable mats


Lululemon–Sustainable Yoga Mats
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to do more yoga, and to do so in a more sustainable way, Lululemon has you covered. It’s newest yoga mat–the Take Your Form–is made from natural rubber materials that are sustainably sourced and certified to support the protection of  forest ecosystems and the people, plants, and animals that inhabit them. The mat’s new, innovative 3D-texture helps you feel your way around the mat and stay centered in poses without looking down.

Stone Road's sustainable practices will make you feel even better about your smoke

Stone Road

Organic THC–Stone Road (only available in California)
Committed to creating a green THC experience, Stone Road owns and operates a biodynamic farm on the top of a hill in Nevada City, California. Their plants grow in living soil and they are never treated with synthetic products. Instead, the Stone Road team uses ladybugs, predator mites, and a medley of beneficial fungi for pest control and irrigates with water from a 460 foot deep artesian well. The company’s packaging is 99% recyclable and they are currently developing a new sugarcane-based biodegradable bioplastic to shrink wrap their boxes. In addition to selling pre-rolls and other products, you can schedule a visit to the farm to see just how the organic farming magic takes place. 

Enjoy fabulous scented, organic products

Sangre De Fruta

Organic Hair & Body Products–Sangre De Fruta
Made in small batches on an island off the West Coast of Canada, Sangre De Fruta creates amazing, products using organic herbs, oils and botanicals, as well as crystal-infused glacier water. Since almost nothing is as important as the products used on our skin and hair, organic shampoos and body washes are a must-have addition for a healthier and greener year. One of their most popular products is the Botanical Shampoo, which is 100% plant-based and is made with nourishing camellia seed oil, soothing calendula and stimulating ginseng root. All of the products are scented using organic essential oils and smell incredible.

Ilia focuses on feel-good ingredients


Green Cosmetics–Ilia
We should feel confident that cosmetics and other beauty products used on our skin are as healthy and eco-friendly as possible. Ilia’s lip balms, eye tints and mascaras are fan favorites both for their beauty enhancing traits and their green ingredients. For example, lip balms are made from rosehip seed oil, and shea butter and eye tints are created from horse chestnut flower and antioxidant-rich honokiol (magnolia bark Extract) for a 99% naturally derived, water-based formula that doesn’t crease or budge. The products are sustainably packaged using recycled aluminum, glass components, and responsibly sourced paper. In addition, Ilia has committed to donating 1% of Super Serum Skin Tint sales to environmental causes—starting with reforestation. The goal is to plant 1 million trees by the end of 2023 in partnership with One Tree Planted.

Querciabella produces some of Italy's best organic reds


Organic Wine from Querciabella
In its uncompromising pursuit of quality, sustainability and authenticity, Querciabella has been committed to biodynamic viticulture for over a decade. With 183 acres of prime Chianti Classico vineyards – located in the municipalities of Greve, Panzano, Radda and Gaiole – in addition to 79 acres in Maremma on Tuscany’s unspoiled Etruscan coast, Querciabella’s holdings represent the largest extensions of biodynamically farmed (certified organic) vineyards in Italy. These vineyards contribute to the biodiversity of surrounding ecosystems and also serve as a sanctuary for numerous  honeybee colonies. The winery has been organic since 1988, and in 2000, converted from organic to 100% biodynamic. There is no use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, creating a welcoming environment for the existence of beneficial insects and birds that assist the natural viti-cultural practices. A further step was taken since the 2010 growing season to implement a completely proprietary plant-based approach to biodynamics, which is why Querciabella can now say that their wines are suitable for vegans. One of my favorites is the 2017 Chianti Classico.

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