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We cannot deny that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are playing a major role to develop the economy of our country, and this sector is also considered a valuable tool to reduce poverty in the country as well. Thus, to promote and expand the locally produced products and entrepreneurs on both national and international platforms, the SME Foundation has organised the ninth National Small and Medium Enterprises Fair 2021 at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC).
The fair has been organised with 325 stalls featuring local products, and among them, approximately 116 companies are primarily focusing on fashion, boutiques and lifestyle-oriented products. Each stall is vibrant with not only fine quality homegrown products but also with many curious customers coming from all strata of our society—the products are equally life-enhancing and eco-friendly whilst catering to the needs of all people whether they be adults or children.

The fair is lined up with splendidly decorated boutiques displaying and selling sarees, salwar kameez, kurta, panjabi, jute bags and many other desi goods—essentially embellished with the Kantha stitch, Nakshi and Jamdani motifs. "Nakshi Kantha and Jamdani sarees have always been a matter of pride for our country; however, with time, we have started to forget what they mean to us. Hence, we want to preserve and promote this glorious heritage of ours through this trade fair," remarked a busy owner who has brought exquisitely handmade Nakshi Kantha and silk and muslin sarees directly from Jessore.
Again, very few people will decline the offer of locally produced fresh honey and ghee and this fair will certainly be a treasure trove for any enthusiastic gourmand. Homegrown honey and ghee enhance the attraction of this trade fair, and they have been approved by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) for being top-notch quality.
Jute, the golden fibre of our country, has many appealing qualities such as high tensile strength, low extensibility, long durability, and so, our local entrepreneurs are boldly displaying the beauty and strength of jute in this exposition. Not only shoes, bags, or rugs, jute fibre has also been used to make lifestyle and home décor items namely baskets, carpets, table clothes etc., And the hand-loomed metal and wood jewellery pieces sold in this expo are both precious and aesthetic and effortlessly emanate the aura of Bengali heritage.

Along with jute, household and lifestyle items have also been made using sackcloth and stones from Jaflong and Panchagarh, which have undoubtedly added uniqueness to this exposition. Additionally, leather products, ceramic kitchenware, and other handicrafts and imitation jewellery have garnered immense interest from onlookers visiting this trade fair.      
The fair was inaugurated on December 5 and will remain open for visitors until December 12. Anyone can visit the SME fair from 10am to 8pm every day, and entry is free for all.
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Agargaon, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka - 1207, Bangladesh

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