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Spice up your garden.

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Do you love to cook with ginger, or do you prefer to drink it as tea? This versatile ingredient is not only a staple for those who love a little spice but has various health benefits as well.
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Whether it's in savoury dishes or sweet desserts, you've most likely tasted the zing of ginger before. Spices like ginger, cardamom, turmeric and galangal are pretty expensive to buy, especially when you only need a small amount for a stir-fry.
Have you considered growing ginger yourself instead of buying the ingredient from your local supermarket each time you need it? Surprisingly, easy to grow, you'll have ginger growing in your backyard or on your window sill in a few simple steps.


How to grow ginger
It usually needs a part shade position in tropical climates, but in cooler areas, opt for full sun. Move ginger planted in pots around your garden to make the most of sunlight availability.
Originating in tropical Asia, ginger likes warm weather and grows best in wet, tropical climates.
The ideal soil has lots of organic matter, is moist, rich, and free draining. Make sure you keep the soil damp and don't allow the soil to dry out completely.
Water the soil so that it is damp all the way through but not soggy. Ginger that sits in wet, soggy potting mix will rot and have trouble sprouting. In summer, ginger only needs to be watered on a weekly basis.
Feed plants with organic fertiliser or another manure during the growing season.
Mulch around the base of the plants to keep up the soil moisture.

Preparing to plant
It's essential to start with a fresh and plump piece of ginger, as shrivelled or old pieces will not sprout. Also, be mindful that if you purchased the ginger from a supermarket and it's not organic, it most likely would have been sprayed with something to prevent it from rooting on the store's shelves. Using some mild soap and hot water, scrub and wash off any residue.
Where to plant ginger in your garden
For the highest success rate, plant in your garden. Cut the ginger by 'eyes' with a sharp knife, and make sure that the pieces are at least 3 cm wide before leaving each chunk to cure over a few days.
It doesn't need to be planted deep into the soil. Roughly 5-10cm, spaced out in 20 cm intervals, will do. Water lightly and check daily to make sure the soil doesn't dry out. 


How to grow ginger in pots
As ginger grows best in wet, tropical climates, if you're planning on growing ginger in a temperate climate, then growing ginger in a pot is ideal. Similarly to planting in a garden, you will need to cut 'eye' pieces and cure them for a few days.
Choose a wide pot that's at least 30cm wide and fill with potting mix. Over time you will notice the rhizomes will break the surface of the soil. Keep an eye out for this, and cover it up with new soil as you see this happen. However, move the pot away from strong winds and frost, which can kill the rhizomes.
Growing ginger indoors
When growing ginger indoors, make sure to choose a spot that gets as much sun as possible. Also, take your pot outside every now and then for some direct sunlight.
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