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Soil is one of the Earth's most important natural resources, but are you aware of its many benefits? To help Brits protect healthy soil at home, Yeo Valley Organic has just launched a new Save Our Soil initiative — and everyone can get involved. According to their research, less than half of Brits (47%) have no idea that almost all our food is directly produced on soil, while 36% are also unaware that soil filters our water and helps to regulate the Earth's temperature (35%). Healthy soil is essential for agriculture and food security, so it's vital we do what we can to protect it. The organic milk and yogurt company, run by a family farm down in Somerset, relies heavily on healthy soils on its farms, where its herds graze and milk is produced for our supermarkets. To help the nation take action, the Save Our Soil campaign is asking households to help protect one of nature's most biodiverse elements.

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"When it comes to food production, soil really is one of the most crucial materials," Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex, says. "It's concerning that less than half of Brits are willing to make changes to protect soil, so I am fully behind Yeo Valley Organics initiative to help the nation learn how much we rely on soil and realise the positive impact it has on nature and our planet. There are so many ways Brits can help preserve soil in their gardens."Take a look at how you can help protect the soil in your own garden: 1. Compost all organic waste. According to Yeo Valley Organic, every garden or allotment should have a compost pile or two. 2. Mulch your vegetable patch, flower beds and young trees with your homemade compost. It's incredibly simple, but it will help boost soil health and suppress weeds. 3. Try to have a 'no dig' garden. One of the biggest gardening trends of recent years, it's a method of cultivation that aims for minimal disturbance of the soil — and can be adopted by anyone. Digging can damage soil health, turning soil organic matter into carbon dioxide, so it should always try to be avoided. 4. Recycle cardboard by either shredding it into the compost heap or laying it on the ground to suppress weeds and try not to leave soil bare for long periods.5. Don't rake up your leaves in autumn. Instead, let the worms pull them down into the soil to boost soil health and carbon. You'll save time, too!Follow Country Living on Instagram.
17 best gardening tools to buy now including spades, trowels and rakes

Multi tool — Best Gardening Tools
6-in-1 Wooden Garden Multi Tool

Give your garden plants some love this summer with this useful multi-tool. Finished in titanium with brass fixings, this tool features six different functions including secateurs, a root remover, knife, saw, bottle opener and an easy weeding utensil. 

Kneeler and seat — Best Gardening Tools
Garden Kneeler and Seat

thompson & morgan

Protect your knees when gardening with this practical green kneeler and seat. It has been made with steel tubes and comfortable polypropylene foam so you can garden comfortably. There's also a small pouch on the side, making it easy to pop your tools in as you work. 

Gardening gloves — Best Gardening Tools
NIWAKI Gardening gloves small


Protect your hands with these practical grey gardening gloves, made from a comfortable nylon and spandex liner. Best suited for potting and pruning, they have breathable lining and a nitrile grip coating. 

Great gift idea — Best Gardening Tools
Spear and Jackson Kew Gardens Set

Spear & Jackson

Developed alongside Kew Garden's horticultural team, this set features a weedfork, hand trowel and transplanting trowel. Ideal if you're on the hunt for a gift. 

Must-have set — Best Gardening Tools
Garden Tools In Wood And Stainless Steel


Crafted from wood and stainless steel, this lovely garden tool set is just what every gardener needs. The leather hooks make it easy to hang up in a shed, while the trowel has been marked in centimetres and inches to make planting easier than ever. 

Wheelbarrow — Best Gardening Tools
Walsall 90L Polypropylene Multipurpose Wheelbarrow


Every garden needs a wheelbarrow. In a classic green, this lightweight style from Argos is ideal for gardening, DIY work and equestrian uses. 

Digging spade — Best Gardening Tools
RHS Burgon and Ball stainless digging spade

With a longer handle to ease back strain, this stainless digging spade has been created for all digging jobs. As well as this, the hardened steel blade is rust-resistant and will hold its edge without regular sharpening. Perfect for every avid gardener. 

Watering can — Best Gardening Tools
HAY HAY watering can


Keep your plants happy and healthy with this terracotta watering can. Designed by Shane Schneck, it boasts a no-spill lip and a shape that keeps water weight at its base. 

Garden fork — Best Gardening Tools
Sophie Conran Fork

burgon & ball

Tried and tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, this garden fork from Sophie Conran is a stylish addition to any outdoor space. Made of stainless steel with a waxed beechwood handle, it has sharpened tines which cut through hard and soft soil very easily.

Kneeler pillow — Best Gardening Tools
Sicilian lemon kneeler pillow

When life gives you lemons...buy a stylish kneeler pillow. With a generous size and soft foam filling, you can be sure to tackle those weeds comfortably without any pain. 

Seeds — Best Gardening Tools
PICCOLO SEEDS Herbes De Provence seed collection


Garden tool set — Best Gardening Tools
Jardineer Garden Tool Set


You'll find eight handy tools in this set, including pruning shears, a hand trowel, transplanter, weeder, cultivator, hand rake, gardening gloves and a tote bag. At just £40, it's a real steal buy. 

Topiary shears — Best Gardening Tools
66cm Topiary Hedge Shears by Kent & Stowe

Trim your hedge just as you like with these 66cm topiary shears. Ideal for trimming and shaping, they have narrow pointed blades, rubber shock absorbers and a long length ergonomic design. 
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Grass Trimmer — Best Gardening Tools
Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 Grass Trimmer

Providing high performance cutting with a clean finish, this grass trimmer from Bosch has an easy edging function which enables quick changes from trimming to edging. Ideal for reaching those tricker spots with ease. 

Rake — Best Gardening Tools
Wooden Rake


Sweep up leaves and fallen debris with this practical wooden rake from Garden Trading. Crafted from Beech, the strong wooden handle offers support, while the prongs allow for effective raking. 

Trowel and Secateurs — Best Gardening Tools
Burgon & Ball Flora & Fauna Boxed Trowel & Secateurs

Presented in a beautiful box, this set includes a trowel and secateurs. Featuring artwork from the RHS Lindley Library, they're both a stylish and practical addition to any garden. 

Electric lawnmower — Best Gardening Tools
Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawnmower

This electric lawnmower helps you to cut through long grass with ease, thanks to its innovative inset grass combs and lightweight design. 
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