GAC selling tickets for lunch Thursday with gardener Felder Rushing – Delta Democrat Times


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Felder Rushing may be Mississippi’s most recognizable gardener and he and his little green truck with the garden in the back will be coming to Greenville on Thursday, Oct. 27.

The Greenville Arts Council is hosting a lunch with Rushing in the Jake and Freda Stein Hall starting at 11: 30 a.m. Tickets cost $25 each.

The deadline to reserve tickets is 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 25. Reserve tickets by calling 662-332-2246.

“The Greenville Arts Council is very pleased to be able to present Felder Rushing speaking specifically about Mississippi Delta native plants,” said GAC executive director Eleanor Wright. “His presentation will include the best grass seed for zone eight and the easiest way to plant.” 

Rushing’s talks will span the gamut of gardening in Mississippi.

“He’ll identify native Mississippi trees and where to purchase the trees along with how to espalier (train) a gardenia,” Wright said. “He’ll also talk about the conditioning soils for old flowerbeds to get ready for new plants or the conditioning soil for a new flower bed. It’s always fascinating and exciting to speak to a master of his craft.”

Rushing is a 10th-generation Southern gardener and Delta native who lives part time in a cottage garden in Mississippi and part time in northern England. The retired Extension Horticulturist hosts a weekly NPR gardening program, writes a syndicated weekly garden column, and has authored or co-written over 30 gardening books, including several national award-winners. He was for several years the national Q&A guy for HGTV, and has contributed countless articles and photographs to many magazines including Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Fine Gardening, Organic Gardening, Better Homes and Gardens, and the National Geographic. 

The longtime board member of the American Horticulture Society, past president of the Men’s Garden Club and honorary member of the Garden Clubs of Mississippi, and past national director of the Garden Writers Association has been featured three times in the New York Times. 

He was named by Southern Living Magazine as one of ‘’Twenty-Five People Most Likely to Change the South.” 

Rushing, who travels worldwide, studies and reports on both botanic and “garden variety” gardens, founded the international Slow Gardening movement, which celebrates finding and following garden bliss regardless of skills or abilities, using all senses through all seasons. 

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