Gardening isn’t only for oldies. These cool kids are doing it their way – TimesLIVE


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Growing your own fruit and veg needn't be expensive or require a lot of space. Gardening also has myriad benefits, say these green-fingered enthusiasts 10 October 2021 - 01: 00 By Sibu Mkhwanazi Lockdown. That one word has forever transformed our lives on all levels. According to Twitter trends, the majority of South Africans took part in online baking challenges, while reading and walking also ranked highly. Of course, everyone knows of at least one lockdown baby that’s been born, adding yet another popular pastime to the list.Unsurprisingly, given the amount of staying at home time we’ve endured during lockdown, one of the most popular hobbies to emerge globally in the past 18 months has been gardening, with close to 3.5-million people taking up the activity for the first time, according to the UK’s Royal Horticultural Society...
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