Camassias: My favourite spring flower to plant now and how to grow them in your garden – The Times


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When we are thinking about spring-flowering bulbs to plant in autumn, daffodils, tulips, crocuses et al are normally top of the list. However, the stately yet lesser-known camassia is becoming increasingly popular and is one of my favourites for certain conditions. It never fails to delight clients when it pops up, so it’s always a good bet for a designer. Camassias are versatile too, doing best in soils that retain moisture for most of the year (ideal for clay-based soils), yet coping well with dry periods in summer when they’re dormant. A relatively fertile garden border soil that most of us have is just fine.Their spires are made up of masses of star-shaped flowers in a range of creamy whites, blues and purples. Depending
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