How to grow your own flowers, fruit and vegetables – The Times


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The tenets of growing your own are the same for organic purists and allotment agnostics alike. And boil down (or even better steam and serve with a knob of butter) into ten universal commandments.1. Choose wiselyGrow what you like to eat (obvs), but when scouring the seed lists choose varieties that you can’t buy in the shops, such as pink and white ‘Chioggia’ beetroot or citrus-flavoured ‘Aji Limon’ chillies. Focus on fruit and veg that comes into harvest early, such as autumn-sown ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ broad beans and Extra Early New Potatoes. Satisfaction is as much about the “when” as the what.2. Grow rainbow chardResilient, reliable and as bright as Superman’s underpants, it’ll be there, even if everything else fails. Sow in
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