How to banish garden pests with five natural methods – from beer to garlic – Daily Express


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Aphids: RHS gardening expert gives tips for dealing with pests Sign up for FREE now for hacks, market analysis, inspiration and more Invalid emailWe use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More infoExperts at Hillary’s, a company which specialises in made to measure blinds and curtains, has put together five simple tips to banish the pests – using just a few household items. Among the natural insect repellents to use in the garden is an alcoholic beverage. Mixture of soapy waterSoapy water can prove an effective method for tackling aphids, such as greenfly and blackfly.To make the concoction, mix five tablespoons of dish soap with four cups of water in a bottle, which has a nozzle.Then, using the solution in the bottle, spray the plants.The solution will dehydrate aphids and spider mites, and will deter them from returning to the garden plants.READ MORE: Should I deadhead Buddleia? The TOP reason why you should Insects can cause havoc to plants, but a few simple methods will help keep them at bay (Image: Getty UK) Items including beer and garlic can be used as an effective and natural insect repellent (Image: Getty UK)The yeast content in beerSome gardeners find using beer is an effective way for tackling persistent slugs and snails.It is the yeast content in beer which attracts them to the liquid.The home experts suggest pouring beer on a saucer before placing them near the plants.A range of fruit, including grape juice or orange rinds, can also be used to prevent plants from being eaten.DON'T MISS: Always works for me!’ Mrs Hinch fans share £1 hack for ousting ants [UPDATE]The 3 common signs that you've got a slug infestation on your plant  [INSIGHT] Gardeners’ World: Monty Don shares 'best' way to control weeds [ANALYSIS] Create your own pepper sprayThe heat in peppers cannot be tolerated by everyone, so it may be no surprise that it is an irritant to insects.Natural insect repellents, such as pepper spray can be purchased from stores, but gardeners can whip up their own solution.To make the concoction, add two tablespoons of red peppers to six drops of dish soap and add a gallon of water. Then, spray small amounts of the solution over the plants.Other spices and strong-smelling powders which repel spider mites and other insects include black pepper, chili pepper, dill, ginger or paprika.Looking for a new home, or just fancy a look? Add your postcode below or visit InYourArea A clove of garlicGarlic has a very pungent odour and repels bugs, making it an effective and natural insect repellent.According to experts at SavATree, insects are repelled by concentrated plant materials, which means they don’t develop an immunity to garlic.To adopt the technique, simply place a clove of garlic into the soil.The method can also be applied to preserve trees and shrubs, said SavATree. The Express shares its top tips for watering the garden (Image: Express )Neem oil sprayNeem oil is made from the seeds from the Azadirachta indica, or more commonly known as Neem, which is a tree native to India.The substance, which is also used in some organic cosmetic products, has proven to be an effective insect repellent.The extract, which has a strong smell, deters mites and a range of insects, including aphids.Neem oil is also effective for combating common fungi, such as mildew, which can be found on vegetable plants.
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