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It isn’t enough to talk about saving the earth. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.How many times have I thought about doing something good to “save the planet” but never got it together to even try?Some folks are more ambitious people than I am. One fellow who lives across the pass in Victor – who most humbly wants to remain anonymous — decided several years ago to do his bit by helping the local bees.Along with several volunteers he grows hundreds of flowers, harvests their seeds and distributes envelopes of these naturally dried seeds around his town.For free!I am not just talking about gathering a few seeds to give away. A thousand envelopes of collected flower seeds were given away four years ago when this project was started. The second year the number rose to 2,000 and the third year a whopping 4,000. Last year the amount of seed gathered and packaged was somewhat down due to the pandemic.FYI flower seeds cannot just be tossed out and expected to grow. They will need to come into direct contact with the soil, so the area to be planted should first be cleared of vegetation and lightly tilled for success.So these “seeds for bees” are sown in trenches that have been dug and thoroughly prepped. Myriad rocks were removed and the soil amended with plenty of manure and a plethora of organic matter. Irrigation is provided — it’s especially needed this summer season.The bee-food flowers grown are chosen from ones that these beneficial insects are known to frequently visit — gaillardia daisies, sky blue bachelor buttons, bright-yellow sunflowers and hollyhocks among others. I can just imagine the sweet buzzing sound of hundreds and hundreds of bees toiling over the spikes of soft pink lamb’s ears on a summer day. An entire planted hedge of coriander has yielded thousands of little round seeds in the past. Wow.Bees are basically looking for a couple of things when they visit your garden. The first is nectar — which is loaded with sugars and is the bees’ main source of energy. The second is pollen — which provides a balanced diet of proteins and fats.So this hardworking man in Victor is offering both by planting lots and lots of flowers. He is hoping that his efforts pay off when folks take an envelope of seeds home and plant them to give the bees even more goodness.Seeds for Bees envelopes can be found in Victor at the See ’n Save Thrift Store, Barrels and Bins Health Food store and Fall River Electric. If you are driving over Teton Pass consider stopping and picking up an envelope (or two) of Seeds for Bees to plant. I do it every year. It is be one very pretty and pleasant way to give the bees and the planet a boost that is sorely needed.

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