Month: August 2021

Study Underscores Chemical-Intensive Farming Hazards and Need to Shift to Regenerative Organic Models – Beyond Pesticides


(Beyond Pesticides, August 31 2021) To ensure long-term ecological, human health, and socioeconomic benefits, food production, distribution and consumption must transition from conventional to regenerative, organic food value chains, as outlined in research published in the journal Productions and Operations Management. “We are paying a high price for…

This Creamy, Vegan ‘BamNut Milk’ Is Made From Climate-Friendly Regenerative Legumes – Green Queen Media


3 Mins Read There’s a new plant-based milk in town, and it’s not made from soy, almonds or cashews. Launched by Singapore food tech WhatIF Foods, BamNut Milk is made from the climate-resilient and regenerative crop Bambara groundnuts, which are legumes packed with protein. Singapore-based startup WhatIF Foods…