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Credit: 8H / Shutterstock If you dig a teaspoon into the nearest block of soil, it will contain what comes out. More microbes Than there are people on earth.We know this Laboratory research We analyze a sample of the Earth scooped from the wild of microorganisms to determine what form of microscopic life exists in the world at our feet. The problem is that such studies do not really give us an idea of ​​how this underground fungus, flagellate, and amoebic kingdom works on earth. These studies destroy the delicate structures of mud, water and air in which soil microorganisms are present, as they involve the removal of soil from their environment. This has led my lab to develop ways to spy on these underground workers. Organic recycling agent, Without disturbing their microhabitats. Our study Revealed a dark and moist city with soil microbes. We found small highways, skyscrapers, bridges and river mazes. These are moved by microbes to prevent them from finding food or becoming someone’s next meal.This new window to what’s happening underground could help us better understand and preserve the Earth More and more damaged soil. Cyborg soil In our research, we have developed a new kind of “cyborg soil” that is half natural and half artificial. It consists of microengineered chips surrounded by soil in the laboratory, enough time for us to bury them in the wild or for the microbial city to appear in the mud. The tip literally acts like a window to the basement. A transparent patch of otherwise opaque soil, Tip It is cut to mimic the pore structure of the actual soil. This is often strange and counterintuitive on the scale experienced by microorganisms. Compared to what we know in the macro world, various physical laws dominate on the micro scale. Water adheres to the surface, and stationary bacteria are pushed away by the movement of water molecules.Bubbles are generated Insurmountable barriers For many microbes, this is due to the surface tension of the surrounding water. Once the chips are embedded in the soil, they reveal how microbes invade during the decomposition commute and how their interactions, food webs, and various microbes manipulate the surrounding constantly changing microhabitats. I was able to see. Cyborg soil active in the laboratory.Courtesy of author Fungal highway When we unearthed the first chip, we encountered a wide variety of unicellular organisms. Nematode, small Arthropod And the bacterial species that exist in our soil. Mycelia that dig holes like the roots of plants underground Rapid growth It penetrates deep into the pores of the cyborg soil and creates a direct, living connection between the actual soil and the chips. This meant that we could study phenomena known only from laboratory studies.Fungal highway“Along which bacteria”Hitchhiking“Disperses in the soil. Bacteria are usually Disperse in waterSo by filling some of the chips with air, I was able to see what the bacteria would look like. Smuggling Create new pores by tracing the groping arm of mycelia. Surprisingly ProtistA mysterious unicellular organism that is neither an animal, a plant, nor a fungus in the space around the hyphae. Obviously, they also hitchhiking on the fungal highway. So far, it’s a completely unexplored phenomenon. By investigating hundreds of possible pathways within cyborg soil chips, including thousands of individual pore spaces, we were able to quantify this frequent occurrence. This indicates that hyphae must be important mediators for the dispersal of a wide variety of swimming microorganisms, giving them important advantages when foraging food in small underground cities. From left, cyborg soil visitors: mud particles, hyphae, nematodes, microhumans.Credit: Provided by the author Underground engineering In our study, we also wanted to investigate how and by what means microbial cities were designed. One way to do this was to observe how soil minerals penetrate the chips and create pockets of the actual soil space within the man-made structure placed on the ground. As the chips began to dry, I witnessed how water was sucked through the pores of the soil. A tsunami of water movements that are regularly exposed to soil microbes as rain and brilliance alter a small world. The resulting pattern of soil minerals looked like our macro-world bed system. And it’s not just physical forces that shape habitats Soil microbes.. Fungi are often “due to the strong tips of the hyphae.Ecosystem engineer“Open passages and block others with cells. They are responsible for the many streets, boulevards and bridges of the microbial metropolis. Even more surprising, it was found that other less “strong” organisms also alter the microscopic structure of the soil. NS CiliateFor example, it has a small hair-like extension for movement, but it can also bulldozer the soil with its active foraging for food. Soil, science, society Our cyborg soil research will ultimately help connect field ecology with controlled ones. Laboratory research.. Studying a realistic and complex community of soil organisms, while carefully controlling and adjusting factors such as nutrient supply and temperature, so that we can see how soil and its microorganisms respond to changes on the ground. It has advantages. But there are other benefits. We believe that observing the hidden world of soil and its intriguing population will help people to be emotionally involved in this important ecosystem.Other ecosystems have had for a long time Charismatic animals To represent a conservation initiative. On the other hand, the soil is still associated with dirt and dirt.Still support the soil 95% of our food production..They save 2 times or more The total amount of carbon in the biosphere and the atmosphere. If you dig a teaspoon on Earth, I would like to show that you are digging upstream of an exciting secret metropolis: quarter Of the seeds of the earth. The cute creatures in the spoon are clean. We quietly provide important ecosystem services that support all life on earth.They are soil-City residents In case of urgent need For better protection. This article will be republished from conversation Under a Creative Commons license.read Original work.. Quote: “Cyborg Soil” was obtained from https://phys.org/news/2021-07-cyborg-soil-reveals-secret-microbic.html on July 23, 2021 at our feet (2021). July 23) reveals secret microbial metropolis This document is subject to copyright. 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