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Microgreens farming at your home

If you love gardening, and want to convert your passion into a profession. Then here is a brilliant idea for you.
In this corona period, people have become aware of health & hygiene, and now they are preferring healthy food instead of junk items. Microgreens also come in the list of healthy food. And the best thing is that you can easily grow microgreens at your home and earn great profits.

What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are young vegetables; these are also early leaves of some plants and are about 2-3 inches tall. These are produced from seedlings of vegetables and herbs. Baby versions of greens, microgreens are considered healthier than the full-grown versions of greens.
How to do Microgreen farming at your home?

Microgreen farming is very easy. If you already have some knowledge of gardening, then it’s, even more, easier for you.

You will require soil/ coco peat, organic fertilizer/ home-made fertilizer, trays, and seeds.

You can do microgreens farming in an area as small as balcony or bedroom or garage.

The setup cost is very low, and you can get good returns in just 2-3 weeks.

With proper calculation about seeds required, trays required as per the numbers of greens you are growing, you can start microgreens farming.

Then, make small holes in the trays, and prepare the trays by mixing above mentioned potting ingredients.

After this, you can put the seeds in trays. For some greens, it is not required to cover them with the soil. But for some greens like peas, sunflower, etc., it is important to keep them in contact with the soil and cover with the trays.

Depending on growing conditions, you can harvest microgreens within a week or two.

Why Microgreens are in Huge Demand?
Health and wellness are at the priority for everyone these days, as the pandemic has made us understand the importance of good immunity. And microgreens are the powerhouse of nutrients, they contain all the important nutrients required for the wellness of both the brain and body.
In fact, these baby greens contain 40 times more nutrients in comparison to that of their mature versions. 
And obviously! Microgreens are chefs’ choice, they use them to decorate the dishes with nutritious and good-looking microgreens.
Click here to know more about microgreens and their potential health benefits.

Where to Sell your Microgreens?
Giving just one hour or even less in a day, you can do a good care of your microgreens. Apart from this, you will require some more time to find people and build a network to sell your microgreens. In fact, it would be better to do this prior to or in between the growth of microgreens, so you won’t have any stress after harvesting to think that where to sell.
You can sell microgreens at-

Residential Customers


Farmer markets

Grocery Store

Wholesale markets


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