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Supercharge your soil, help fight climate change and grow delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables with ingredients you trust. Most organic fertilizers derive their nutrients from inedible slaughterhouse and fishery materials like blood meal, feather meal and fish emulsion. Not only are these ingredients harmful to the environment, they're actually less easily absorbed by plants than other, cleaner sources. ClimateGard's no-kill formula is derived from the most ethical, sustainable sources available, and is delivered in an environmentally friendly organic cotton bag with a compostable inner liner. In addition to micronutrients, silicon and humic acid, each ClimateGard pellet is infused with a blend of living bacteria and fungi that will continue enriching your soil long after your last application.
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• No-kill formula great for anyone who cares where their food comes from. • Complete care for vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and houseplants. • Humic acid to increase nutrient uptake and soil microbial activity, improve drought tolerance, seed germination and root stimulation. • Soil enriching microorganisms that improve nutrient absorption, ward off common plant diseases and help sequester atmospheric carbon. • Silicon to improve cell wall integrity. • Ethically sourced ingredients for a positive impact on environment and people. • Eco-friendly packaging with a reusable organic cotton bag and compostable inner liner. • Your purchase helps fund Climate Farming™ at the Johnny Appleseed Organic Village — and beyond! • ClimateGard is an OMRI listed organic product. • Free Shipping!
Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

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