How to get rid of daisies on your lawn

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Daisies are perhaps one of the most recognizable flowers you'll find, however some people consider them a weed!

Daisies are a common sight across the United States, and that’s largely down to the fact they can grow in almost all types of soil. From alkaline to acidic, daisies will thrive in almost any lawn or garden. But while some love the dainty white and yellow flower and consider it to be a joy to behold, not everyone feels the same.

Daisies are a perennial plant that spreads via seed and that's how they get everywhere.

Daisies usually grow between March and October and often appear as a result of infrequent lawn mowing.

So if it turns out that you’re not a fan of daisies, will show you how to get rid of them.


How to get rid of daisies on your lawn

There are many ways to eliminate daisies from your lawn

However it’s important to stop them from coming back too - and mowing your grass with regularity is a good way of achieving this.


Daisy Grubber

This is a handy tool that allows you to dig out the tiny flowers without much fuss.

Simply insert the tool into the ground under the daisy, with the two prongs at an angle.

Then all you need to do is lever upwards, pulling out the flower and the root system.


String Trimmer

Alternatively, if you have a lot of daisies on your lawn, you can use a string trimmer to slash through the flowers.

Doing this every week helps to weaken and loosen the plant. Eventually, you should be able to pull them out with little fuss.


As daisies frequently grow in clumps, you can simply grab a handful and pull.

Try and remove as much of the root system with the flower as you can, in order to avoid regrowth.

As always, make sure to weed early - and often.

Weed killer

As a last resort -or you’d prefer to kill outright versus digging them out, you might try weed killer spray or concentrate.

If you only have a few handfuls of daisies, use a weed killer spray for simple spot treatment.

However if your grass is overrun with daisies, try a selective weed killer concentrate across your entire lawn.

Make sure to follow the instructions carefully - you'll need to dilute the mix; too little concentrate and it won’t kill the daisies and too strong it may kill your grass.

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