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By Ajay K I was just finishing my third year BSc (in agriculture) when lockdown hit. As classes moved online, my learning got limited to theoretical knowledge. My father, a private employee, who was born into a family of farmers, sensed that it wasn’t ideal and decided to do something about it. Initially, he suggested I travel to some nearby farm to get hands on experience. But when that seemed like an impossibility – commuting to a farm every day from the city was not feasible — he came up with another idea: terrace gardening. He suggested we start growing fruits and vegetables on our own terrace. When I first heard about it, I laughed it off. “I will not work out daddy,” was my first reaction. But he was adamant. He even explained how terrace gardens will become the future as more and more people start living in apartments and there is hardly any open space left around our homes. I reluctantly agreed. Since my father is a great champion of waste recycling, we decided to take 50 used curd buckets (each `40), a few broken buckets and five plastic trays to start our garden the organic way. We decided against using any chemical fertilizer or pesticide. So, we sourced cattle dung and poultry manure from local vendors and bought half a truck of red soil. We filled the buckets with well mixed soil and tended to them carefully for a few days after that. On the fourth or fifth day we saw some sprouts coming out from all the buckets, and later realised those were tomato seedlings coming out, as some cattle excreta contained tomato seeds in it. Slowly and steadily, thereafter, we started sowing chilly, brinjal, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, mustard, yellow cucumber (Dosakiah), palak, mint, coriander, colocasia and one water-melon plant in our 150 square yard terrace. Within a few weeks, we got a great yield of leafy vegetables, chilies, tomatoes etc. Soon, we were having our own vegetables for our meals — and it only made the food more tasty and healthy as we were not using any chemicals. I cannot thank my father enough for floating this idea and helping me set up the garden. Today, the garden has inspired a lot of friends and neighbours who have been asking for my advice to start a similar thing in their homes. This lockdown has, clearly, made me become more innovative and creative. (The writer is a BSc, Agriculture, graduate) ……………………………………. Reading to photography: Lockdown days were filled with fun activities By Pravallika Manyoktha Initially, the lockdown was a lot of fun for me and my brother as we had plenty of time to play and binge-watch our favourite shows. As days progressed, we started missing school and our friends. Having parents working from home, had its own share of problems. We had to help Amma with the daily chores as the maid was not allowed to work. Nanna started gardening and we had to help him water the plants. Every day, my brother and I used to watch them grow. Finally, we were able to produce tomatoes and chillies from our garden. We usually go to my grandmother’s place every summer vacation, but the lockdown foiled all our travel plans. We were confined to our house. As I had interest in art, Amma got me enrolled in an online art class where I learnt a few interesting things — 3D art being one of them. I made a 3D greeting card for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary and it made them really happy. Apart from this, I used my time to complete my Harry Potter series, learn about Indian states with my brother — their capitals, main crop, languages, rivers etc. It was a lot of fun. In class 7, we had the option of joining a student club, based on our interest. I opted for the photography club. We used to have online sessions with our seniors every day, who told us about the basics of photography. Nanna gave his phone so that I could practise taking shots with it. Initially I used to take photographs of trees, flowers, pigeons, food and so on. I got to understand the modes of photography too. One of the new things I learnt was the golden shot. Though I have tried it many times earlier, I never got it right. But then, one day I finally got the shot right when my brother held the flower for me patiently. I was so excited about the shot that I posted it in my family WhatsApp groups. Now, I am my family’s professional photographer! (The writer is class 8 student) FacebookTwitterLinkedinEMail
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