Go wild! In praise of the imperfect lawn – The Times


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Lord preserve us from lawns that look as if they were laid by Photoshop, dazzling plains of fluorescent Hockney green raked by Bridget Riley stripes. Shouldn’t lawns be gentler things? The Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don recently blamed “controlling” men for mowing British lawns too short, declaring that for the sake of wildlife this obsession must stop.But you and I do not need luminous, weed-free, carpet-short textbook turf, do we? All that feeding, scarifying, watering and treating for chafer beetles and moss . . . What you and I want, or need, is the perfect imperfect lawn. Something that works for us as well as for wildlife, without too much labour. So what is it?If it’s wildlife that’s your main concern, your lawn
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