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close01/8Books on gardening everyone should readGardening, just like reading, is a hobby that helps one forget their troubles and immerse themselves in doing something productive. As you lose yourself in nature, you observe and learn new things– about the world and yourself. Whether you are already a proud plant parent or trying to get into the hobby, here we list down some books that will inspire you to hone your gardening skills.readmore02/8’How Not To Kill Houseplants’ by Trisha BoraReleased in 2021, Trisha Bora’s ‘How Not To Kill Houseplants’ is a comprehensive guide about how to take care of house plants, especially in the Indian context. From which plant to choose depending on space and lifestyle, to light, temperature and water requirements of these plants– the book will guide new plant parents into the hobby.Photo: Ebury Pressreadmore03/8’Gardening Through The Year’ by Ian Spence’Royal Horticulture Society Gardening Through the Year: Month-by-month Planning Instructions and Inspiration’ by Ian Spence is an encyclopaedic guide for all types of plant parents. As the title suggests, the book is a comprehensive guide about what and when one should do in their garden according to the weather in each month of the year. The book also has pictures of roughly 350 plants along with information regarding their care.Photo: DKreadmore04/8’Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening’ by Deborah L. MartinDeborah L. Martin’s ‘Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening’ is perfect for people who are taking their first steps in gardening. An easy read, the book covers important topics from scratch like– soil, compost, seeds, weeds, controlling pests, etc. which a beginner should know.Photo: Rodale Booksreadmore05/8’Veg In One Bed’ by Huw RichardsHuw Richards’ ‘Veg In One Bed: How to Grow an Abundance of Food in One Raised Bed, Month by Month’ released in 2019. In this book, Richards gives a step-by-step guide of growing vegetables in “just one raised bed”. Urban gardeners who are short of space would like to check out this book!Photo: DKreadmore06/8’Vertical Gardening’ by Olivia AbbyOlivia Abby’s ‘Vertical Gardening: The Beginner’s Guide To Organic & Sustainable Produce Production Without A Backyard’, as the title suggests, tells readers easy tips and tricks about growing vertical gardens which are best-suited for small spaces, especially in urban settings.readmore07/8’We Made a Garden’ by Margery FishIn ‘We Made a Garden’, Margery Fish tells how she and her husband Walter bought a shabby cottage in Somerset in 1937 and step-by-step transformed it into a country garden. The book was published in 1956 but it still remains a timeless read for beginners in the gardening hobby.Photo: Batsfordreadmore08/8’The Well-Tempered Garden’ by Christopher Lloyd’The Well-Tempered Garden’ by Christopher Lloyd is a classic and timeless gardening book written by one of the most respected plantsmen in Britain. First published over 40 years ago, the book imparts vital information regarding planting, weeding and propagating plants like water lilies and vegetables.Photo: W & Nreadmore
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