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A growing trend toward organics has seen the popular Dragon’s Den look at digging into Vernon’s own BlueSky Organics.
Co-owners Mary Horvatincic and Sean Shepherd auditioned earlier this year for the upcoming season of the hit CBC television show.
And the timing is perfect.
“With COVID-19 families are home more and have a greater interest in food security, and growing their own organic food and is top of mind for many people,” Horvatincic said.
Gardening is very therapeutic, but for people who do not have extra space in their yards or are living in a multi-family residence, community gardens are needed. It’s something Blue Sky is seeing more of and also wants to contribute to with a pilot community garden project in Vernon called Grow Your Own Food Project, which Blue Sky plans to duplicate across the country.
“Building community one garden a time is how we are going to change the world,” Horvatincic said. “Last year when COVID started, we delivered directly to homes everything to build a garden box from a recycled pallet to the soil. We will be doing this again this year although will be offering seeds starting this spring.”
BlueSky recently secured a contract with Home Depot Canada for this season along with Costco online with its Whole Earth Product line.
“This is why we have gone to the Dragons as we are looking for a value-added equity partner,” Horvatincic said.
Dragon’s Den gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business to a panel of wealthy Canadian business moguls — the Dragons.
“Successful pitchers will have a chance to earn real investment from the Dragons’ own pockets,” associate producer Nicole MacKay said. “They’ll be looking for the biggest and best deals from coast-to-coast.
Founded in 2014, BlueSky’s original line of products was formulated for cannabis production, to assist the growing trend. But it has since expanded into lawn and garden and developed an entire line (Whole Earth) packaged in recyclable packaging and moving to compostable, derived from hemp packaging, ethically-sourced raw materials, products promoting regeneration of our soils, to grow certifiable organic food commercially or at home. Pet, child and bee safe, the products are created with all in mind.
“What we put on our lawns do end up eventually in our food through waterways,” Horvatincic said. “We have to learn how to undo what we have done to our environment and work together to do this.”
BlueSky has the vision to not only promote sustainability but to educate and bridge the gap between sustainability and regenerative for future generations.
“We feel sustainability is not enough, our vision and dream has created BlueSky Organics and have been fortunate to build a team that is just as passionate as we are to help us execute on this vision and change the world.”
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