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Agriculture Officer M Kannan takes care of his vegetable cultivation on terrace of his house in Perambalur. (Photo | EPS)

Express News Service
PERAMBALUR: In an almost literal example of practicing what they preach, this couple employed in the state agriculture department grow their own kitchen needs with no chemical fertiliser or insecticides.
The people in the discussion are M Kannan (42) who is an agriculture officer in Perambalur and his wife was Ashalatha (41) seed certification officer in the department.

With the help of his wife and two children, Kannan said that he set up a terrace garden at his house in Perambalur and grows vegetables by organic method and uses them for daily needs. He said that he has been doing it for the past three years and he does not buy any vegetables at the store. Kannan said he decided to set up the terrace garden in his house so that they do not have any artificial chemicals in their food. He primarily used 20 litres of empty water cans and filled them with soil to plant.

Now a variety of vegetables including bottle gourd, bitter gourd, zucchini, snake gourd, green and red ladyfinger, long beans, broad beans, green chilly and a variety of spinach were being grown using organic methods. He said that he does not sell the vegetables and only uses them for their daily kitchen needs. He said that sometimes when there is more vegetables, he gives them to his friends. He also advises them to grow vegetables in their homes like him.

Speaking to TNIE, Kannan said, “Due to a variety of chemicals used, the food we eat could be harmful to us in many ways. As we have many times recommended organic ways, I thought I will try the it in my own terrace. Here I used no pesticides and only used organic manure to increase yield. We are very gladly consuming food that we know are very healthy.”

About their daily interaction with the garden, he said, “Early in the morning our children take care of the garden and collect the necessary vegetables and take them to the kitchen.”

“There is no big cost involved to grow and cultivate vegetables at home. Learning about my organic methods, my colleague also ask about it. I not only give them vegetables but also help set up a terrace garden for those who like it.”. He suggests other people also take up organic vegetable farming for daily needs to lead a much healthier life.

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