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Five vegetables that can be quickly harvested in kitchen garden28 Mar 2021: Five vegetables that can be quickly harvested in kitchen garden Organic vegetables that are devoid of pesticides are not restricted to organic stores only because they can be easily grown by us in our backyards as well.Vegetables that are grown at home are healthier than mass-produced ones.It requires a little effort, but well, it will be worth it.Here’s a list of five easy veggies that require minimal time to harvest.Radish: Radishes can be harvested within just 3-4 weeks Radishes grow quickly and take about 3-4 weeks to reach harvest time.Simply sow its seeds into prepared ground or pots that have potting soil.Space the seeds about one inch apart. Radishes grow best in loose dirt and make sure to not overcrowd the seeds.Harvest the radishes before they become too large as they can impart a woody texture.Carrot: Carrots, the finger-sized variety, can be harvested in 50 days All the varieties of carrots do not grow at the same pace, but the finger-sized ones can be harvested within 50 days.Spread the seeds evenly on leveled soil and cover them with a thin layer of soil.You can also sow the seeds in a pot without over-crowding them.Water the seeds regularly. You can expect your harvest in about two months.Spinach: Spinach leaves require only about 30 days to grow Spinach leaves are healthy greens that boost your immunity and you can harvest them in just about 30 days.Sow the seeds in rows that are about a foot apart. Space the seeds about an inch from each other.The leaves can bolt in hot weather, and so to prevent this, sow them in light shade during the summer and leave the ground moist.Cucumbers: Cucumbers, great addition to salads, grow in 50 days Cucumbers are a great addition to salads and are a quintessential part of our summer diets.While planting, make sure to space them at least 18 inches apart as they require a lot of space to grow.Cucumbers grow best in warmer temperatures and will ripen in about six weeks.If you’re looking to pickle them, you can harvest them a few days earlier.Beans: Green beans can be harvested within 2-3 weeks Green beans can be harvested within 2-3 weeks and they grow best in hot climates.Succession planting after every harvest will keep green beans coming in during summers.Plant the seeds one inch deep and water the soil immediately. Keep it moist regularly until they sprout.You can also plant the seeds in a pot and transfer them to the garden after they sprout.
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