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Log in to watch The Great Grow Along seminar

By Jeff Rugg
Creators Syndicate Inc.
As we have been talking about the past few weeks, many people are new to gardening. In the past, we could count on going to seminars at spring flower and garden shows all across the country. Most were canceled last year, but there are a few coming this year, some with modifications. For instance, instead of a late-winter, indoor event, the nation’s largest and longest-running show, the Philadelphia Flower Show, will be held outdoors on June 5 and 6. Some of these shows can be expensive for a one-time event. The Philadelphia event is $45 for an adult.A few horticultural events have had education sessions on Zoom, but I personally find these events hard to watch, and I don’t need to see all the other people watching.So, when I heard that there was going to be a virtual garden festival called The Great Grow Along, I was a little skeptical. I have good news, though. The three-day event is not on Zoom. All of the more than 40 sessions are going to be available on a website that can be accessed via mobile or desktop. You can log in to watch it from anywhere.I apologize for the short notice, but the event is this weekend, March 19-21. The good news for those of us who won’t be available this weekend is that we will have six months after this weekend to watch the sessions. That’s awesome — but wait, there is more good news. The general admission is only $29.95, plus a $2.64 fee for a total of only $32.59. That is less than $1 per session.Just like an in-person seminar, there are tracks that include related topics, so you don’t have to watch sessions that are not as interesting to you. The six tracks are: Dig Deeper, DIY Landscaping, Edible Gardening, Houseplants, Pollinators and Plants, and Urban Gardening.What is Dig Deeper, you ask? It is organic gardening, soil testing, compost, xeriscaping and permaculture. It even includes chickens with fifth-generation chicken-keeper Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily. The DIY Landscaping will cover tree care basics, thinking like a landscape designer and container gardening. Edible Gardening explains seed-starting and growing fruits and vegetables. Houseplants covers the fundamentals of the indoor environment, lighting, propagation and pet-safe plants. Pollinators and Plants will help you understand how to select native plants and what insects will come to them. And Urban Gardening will cover raised beds, fruit growing in small spaces, and other small-space gardening ideas.Some of the speakers are from the horticultural industry, such as Bonide, Bushel and Berry, and Encore Azaleas. Others are book authors from horticulture publishers such as Timber Press and Cool Springs Press.I plan on watching all of the sessions, and I hope it doesn’t take me all six months of availability to do so. I am sure you will find sessions that interest you that will be well worth watching. To find out more and to reserve your spot, go to https://www.greatgrowalong.com.Email questions to Jeff Rugg at [email protected] COPYRIGHT 2021 JEFF RUGGDISTRIBUTED BY CREATORS SYNDICATE

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