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CHARLOTTE – MULCH OR MAYBE ROCKS?In NC folks have transitioned over the years from pine needles to organic mulch to the most recent trend – decorative gravel, river rock, brick chips and lava rock for their garden and landscaping ground cover. As with almost everything there are pros and cons to consider.ORGANIC MULCHProsHelps trees and plants grow quicker and stronger.Retains moisture saving water, time and money.Most mulches break down into helpful soil amendments.Protects plants and their root systems in the winter and summer.Significantly reduces weed seed growth.Great for erosion control ConsRequires replacement on a regular basis so it’s a recurring cost.Too much mulch buildup can suffocate plants.Some organic mulches may carry weed seed.ROCKSProsSeldom need replacement.Longer lasting and, over the long term, less expensive.Fireproof especially when compared to pine straw.Keep weeds away longer.Prevent soil erosion in windy areas.Perfect for rock and cacti garden spaces. ConsRaise the soil temperature leading to stressed, thirsty plants.Don’t aid plant growth or soil health.Many trees and plants thrive on a higher acid pH, but rocks can create alkaline soil.Windblown soil can find its way between rocks promoting weed growth.If you decide one day to remove and replace your rocks, it promises to be a tedious task requiring much removal by hand.Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products can help you with your decision AND provide you with a wide variety of mulch or decorative stones products. Start off by visiting and you can find us on Facebook.
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