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Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.– Linus PaulingSpring at Creek HouseIt is never too early to anticipate and celebrate spring.  Why wait for its official arrival on March 20? It is probably already underway in your yard, especially if you have crocuses, snow drops and other early blooming bulbs and some witch hazel or quince shrubs. At Creek House some daffodils are a few inches above the soil and many have buds. In the wetland backyard ducks and geese couples are returning and we will soon be hearing spring peeper frogs. It is a very different situation for them this spring. Several mature trees are gone and much of the area that was under water from the serious flooding in the fall is now covered with silt, resembling a beach. What plants will return to provide habitat for our wildlife out there remains to be seen.House Plants purify air?  Here’s a surprise. Since 1989 when NASA conducted experiments with houseplants in sealed chambers (think future space stations) there has been an understanding that plants are able to remove harmful chemicals, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air. Apparently the fact that the research was not based on houseplants in typical household settings was overlooked. So, the misconception that houseplants can reduce indoor air pollution in homes and offices has prevailed until recently when researchers at Drexel University determined that houseplants’ ability to clean ambient air is highly overrated. They help, but it would take thousands of plants to do the job in homes and offices. Better to open the windows. Keep the houseplants, though, for their benefits in improving moods, stimulating workplace production, helping hospital patients recover and many other gifts are well-documented.Reducing bird collisionsWild birds that visit our yards are both a delight and a benefit. Who does not smile at the sight of a robin on the lawn, probing for earthworms? Or a stately cardinal poised on a branch or a soaring loudmouth blue jay heading for the feeder?  Then there are the birds that fly over our heads twice a year. Experts estimate that we lose over 365 million migrating birds annually because of collisions with buildings and windows. Also, the lights in densely populated urban and suburban areas that flood the night skies confuse their navigation. We can help by dimming down.Reduce the number and intensity of your outdoor lights. Use motion sensors or light them only when you have guests or need to navigate the dark yard.Pull shades and curtains to keep indoor light indoors.Change the color of outdoor light bulbs to blue or green to minimize glare.Direct lighting downward or use shields over bulbs.VocabularyNativar : Homeowners will encounter this term in plant descriptions ever more frequently as sophisticated techniques are being used to expand the number of desirable native plants available for use in home landscapes. This word combination of “native” and “cultivar” indicates that breeders have manipulated the genes of a “natural” native plant to develop versions of it with more desirable features for home landscapes. The emphasis may be on larger blooms, stronger stems, a wider choice of colors or nicer foliage. However, this manipulation of genes sometimes eliminates other desirable traits. For instance, in breeding certain roses to bloom all season, their fragrance was eliminated. The major concern is that sometimes the very quality that makes the native plant a supporter of wildlife is lost in the manipulation. Flowers of many nativars may be sterile and fail to produce seed or pollen that wildlife depends on. Their environmental desirability is reduced or even cancelled.© 2021 Liz Ball

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