Interseeding is a Process, Not Just a Practice – No-Till Farmer


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Pictured Above: ENJOYING THE JOURNEY. West Union, Iowa, no-tiller Loran Steinlage says the journey to interseeding, companion cropping and relay cropping can’t be rushed but it can lead to big payoffs. One rotation he’s used, with soybeans seeded into cereal rye and then followed by buckwheat has, even with relatively modest yields, provided the same ROI as 200-bushel corn.
When Loran Steinlage hears someone say, “I want to be where you are” when it comes to interseeding, he says it’s a sure sign that person is setting themselves up for failure. It takes patience and practice to set the groundwork. 
Steinlage has been tinkering with interseeding, relay cropping and other advanced farming systems on his West Union, Iowa, farm since 2006, though he would call the practices traditional, not advanced. In fact he insists on spelling interseeding ‘innerseeding,’ the spelling used in the literature from the 1800s that he used when researching the practices. The then strip-tiller started by interseeding…
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