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Asparagus crownsAsparagus is a perennial vegetable which means you can plant it once a year and harvest it for many years to come.Asparagus grows best in an open, sunny site, but it will tolerate dappled shade.You should avoid planting an old asparagus bed with new asparagus plants, to avoid a build-up of disease.Asparagus can be grown from seed, but it is easier to plant one-year-old dormant plants, known as crowns, in March.To plant, dig a 12-inch wide by an eight-inch deep trench, and work in well-rotted manure to the bottom of the trench. Cover the base with a two-inch layer of the excavated soil.Make a four-inch high ridge of soil down the centre of the trench.Place the crowns on top of this ridge, spacing them 12 to 18 inches apart within the row.Spread the roots evenly and replace the rest of the soil, leaving the bud tips just visible.Leave 45cm (18in) between rows and stagger the plants between adjacent rows. Water in and mulch with 5cm (2in) of well-rotted manure or other weed-free organic matter.
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