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Image: ShutterstockNo one can ignore the beauty of houseplants—either to beautify house corners or to bring a hint of nature into the home, we all like indoor plants. But these plants do much more than just that. These aesthetic touches to your home could also boost your mood, add colour to your interiors, and build up your gardening skills. So here is a list of easy-to-maintain plants that can beautify your home or even your workplace.Jade plantsThese are bush-like succulents that are easy to trim. Under favourable conditions, these plants give a pink blossom and might even develop red or yellow tints under sunlight. These low-maintenance plants need very little water in summer and even less in the winter.
Image: ShutterstockSnake plantsThis one has great ornamental value, but happily comes with minimal care requirements! Snake plants are great air purifiers. They remove toxins from the air and are well known for being one of the few plants that remove carbon dioxide from the air at night. They can even flourish in poor light, and they grow in any type of soil. The only care that snake plants need is that you must avoid overwatering them.
Image: ShutterstockAloe veraAloe is well known across the world for its medicinal properties that soothe and heal the human body. The aloe is a stem-less succulent with fleshy leaves that grows well in indoor pots as also in the wild. It does not require any extra care and is insect resistant. Aloe grows well in ample sunlight and well-drained sandy soil. Just like the cactus, aloe needs very little water to grow well.
Image: Shutterstock FernsConsidered to be one of the oldest species of plants, ferns bear neither seeds nor flowers. Ferns are a lush canopy of leaves beautifying your indoors with their calmness and colour. They are said to remove chemical toxins from air as well as from the soil. Ferns need low light conditions, soil that is moist and well drained, and normal watering.
Image: ShutterstockFlamingo flowersIf you want to add colours to your garden other than just green, try growing the flamingo flower. Ranging from orange, red and saffron to purple, pink and even black, flamingo flowers are clustered in shape and give an artistic look to room corners. You can also cover a bare wall with a climber flamingo flower plant. This plant requires very little sunlight, moist organic soil, and water as per the normal weather conditions.
Image: ShutterstockMoney plantsThe money plant has round, flat and plump leaves that sometimes look just like coins. This plant not only looks attractive and removes indoor pollutants like formaldehyde, but is also known to bring prosperity to the home. Keep these plants in low light and sandy soil, and water them once a week.
Image: ShutterstockGerbera DaisiesThe gerbera is known for its long-lasting and charming blooms. These cheerful plants come in wonderful colours: pink, red, purple, mauve, and yellow! Gerbera daisies denote purity and innocence and make beautiful gifts too. They require moderate sunlight, well-drained soil, and normal watering.
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